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Our mission

Bridge2IT, based in Brussels, specialises in the recruitment of IT professionals. Our mission is to be the single point of contact for IT talent outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

These workers from outside the EEA have language skills, solid training and valuable experience of remote working and multicultural environments. Their aspiration to settle in Western Europe is understandable and promising.

We are aware that many Belgian companies frequently find it difficult to fill their IT vacancies with qualified candidates.

Convinced that recruiting talented foreign professionals is the way to fill this gap, we facilitate the matching of international IT professionals with Belgian employers. This value-creating approach ensures a win-win situation: employers attract highly qualified talent, while employees thrive in attractive companies operating in a prosperous economic environment.

Why Choose Bridge2IT?

We conduct targeted searches based on specific technical skills, language skills and company culture, ensuring that the new colleague is a good fit for the company.

At Bridge2IT, we offer employers and employees support with the complex administrative process involved in hiring an employee from outside the European Economic Area. From the application for a single permit to the visa procedure, including assistance with the employee’s accommodation, we offer personalised, tailor-made services.

Our fees are transparent and market-based. For employee selection, we charge a basic fee based on a percentage of annual salary. For administrative and logistical support, we apply a separate fee tailored to the specific needs of each employer.

Our recruitment services, administrative support and housing assistance are free of charge for the employee.

About Koenraad Block

Koenraad, the driving force behind Bridge2IT, has over 20 years’ experience in the IT sector. During his career, he has held various positions ranging from programmer and analyst to applications administrator, IT account manager for Eastern Europe and business analyst.

His extensive experience puts him in an excellent position to select candidates with the right technical and communication skills. Koenraad’s technical expertise is extensive and includes mainframe and application development, complex interfacing, APIs, implementation of Big Data Cloud applications, including scoring and dashboards, and implementation of CRM solutions such as Salesforce.

Sucess Stories

Bridge2IT recently successfully recruited a data engineer for us, a company FinTech specialising in Big Data services. The mission was to find a bilingual data engineer, French and English, with a solid educational background and several years’ experience in the field of Big Data.

Using their targeted network, Bridge2IT was able to attract a candidate from Tunisia who had gained experience with a major international telecommunications company.

 For the employee, the new job in Belgium, the competitive salary and the help in finding suitable accommodation were attractive. This success story is a perfect example of how Bridge2IT bridges the gap between supply and demand in the IT sector, while ensuring the smooth integration of international talent into the Belgian labour market.


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