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Why choose Belgium?​

Belgium is more than just the country of the best beers, chocolate and hardened cyclists. Belgium is a country of innovation with a no-nonsense mentality. As a small kingdom, whose heritage bears witness to a rich past, we are modest and internationally oriented.

The capital, Brussels, is a truly cosmopolitan environment. It is the most diverse city in the world next to Dubai. As the headquarters of the European Union and NATO, it is the European capital par excellence. In this multicultural environment with a patchwork of population groups and languages, everyone quickly feels at home.

Belgium is also appreciated for its high quality of life, well-developed social security system and free high-level education. Our top universities ensure a dynamic knowledge economy.

ICT sector in Belgium​

ICT is one of the most innovative sectors of the Belgian knowledge economy. Belgium has a reputation as a pioneer in high-tech industries thanks to the business and knowledge ecosystems around research centres, universities and business incubators.

Belgium has a strong reputation and knowledge in many fields: micro and nanotechnology, financial security solutions, smart card technology, telematics, GPS, cartography, location-based services, geo-ICT, telecommunications, network equipment, digital audio/video, printing solutions, and a wide range of software products from industrial design to gaming.

In addition, Belgium is among the frontrunners when it comes to the integration of technologies in companies such as ERP, cloud and big data. IT profiles are mainly employed in the ICT departments of both large and small companies across all sectors, ICT service providers and ICT multinationals with major departments in Belgium.


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